Leases and Rental Agreements

Experienced landlords agree that good leases are a critical part of the landlord-tenant relationship. Bradford's residential, condo and apartment leases spell out each party's roles and responsibilities, payments and deadlines. And before you sign a lease, Bradford's rental application helps screen potential tenants, avoiding problems before they start.

Maintenance Agreements and Inspection Reports

Before you hand over the keys, you may want tenants to sign an agreement concerning maintenance, a Bradford form that describes their role in caring for your property. Another form, Bradford's inspection report, helps document your property's condition before it is rented, so that you can keep track of flaws and damages.

Learning About Being a Landlord

Being a landlord sounds easy, but Colorado law gives tenants significant rights. You must handle the security deposit correctly and guarantee minimum housing standards. Whether you are a new landlord, an attorney or an experienced property manager, The Landlord and Tenant Guide to Colorado Leases and Evictions provides a step-by-step guide through leasing and landlording, including a detailed explanation of lease clauses.

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Monthly Tenancy Agreement


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Monthly Tenancy Agreement

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This is a short, general lease for renting real property on a month-to-month basis.

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