Civil Procedure

County Court Civil Suit

When are County Courts forms applicable?

Colorado County Courts are designated to try both civil and minor criminal cases.

What is a Civil Suit?

Perhaps damage was done to your property or you suffered from a fall as a result of someone else’s carelessness. Civil suits are meant to enforce and protect a person’s private rights. Civil suits can be described as all actions other than criminal proceedings.

How do Small Claims Court Actions Differ from County Court Actions?

Both county court actions and small claims actions depend on the monetary amount demanded. For example, in Denver County Court, small claims actions can demand up to but not exceed $7,500. Alternatively, Denver County Court Civil Suits can demand up to but not exceed $15,000. Remember, small claims court is designed for people who do not have legal representation. For more information on small claims court please visit the small claims court legal forms

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Summons (Under Simplified Civil Procedure)

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Guideline to Answer (Under Simplified Civil Procedure)


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