Bills of Sale

Why use a bill of sale?

You’re buying anything from a piece of jewelry to a refrigerator from a private party. While retailers routinely give you a bill of sale, an individual seller might not. Getting the sale in writing protects both parties: it proves that legal ownership has been transferred, and as a buyer, you can prove that you do own the property.

How Bradford can help

Use Bradford Publishing's Colorado-specific bills of sale to document transactions involving goods and farm animals.

If the sale is for a house, condo or property, see our real estate forms. We offer separate forms for buying or selling a vehicle.

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Guideline to Bill of Sale, Motor Vehicle


Bradford Publishing Co

Guideline to Bill of Sale, Motor Vehicle

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This Guideline is intended to provide general information with regard to the subject matter covered.  It is not meant to provide legal opinions or offer advice, or to serve as a substitute for advice by a licensed legal professional. Bradford Publishing does not warrant that the information herein is complete or accurate, and does not assume any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors, inaccuracies or omission. It is the responsibility of the user to consult legal, tax or other counsel.

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