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Busy lawyers count on Bradford forms to be compliant with Colorado law, up-to-date, and universally accepted.

Commercial Leasing in Colorado: A Practical Guide

Beat U. Steiner and Edyn E. Jessup
Item No: BK2000
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Now includes the 2010 Supplement!   Your purchase of Commercial Leasing in Colorado will include the 2010 Supplement and an updated CD. In this first annual supplement, authors Beat Steiner and Edyn Jessup have added a brand new chapter on “green” leases, two new forms, updated statutory law and case law, and much more!
Bradford Publishing is pleased to bring you this exciting new book by real property experts Beat Steiner and Edyn Jessup. Prepared with Colorado real estate attorneys and leasing brokers in mind, Commercial Leasing in Colorado covers basic legal principles while illuminating the strategies both parties use behind the scenes in negotiating, drafting, and modifying lease provisions. The authors go beyond discussing what you might write for a particular lease clause—they explain the reasons for the clause, the interests of the parties served by it, the terms desired by landlords and tenants, and how the clause might come out depending on the parties’ relative bargaining strength.

This book is organized the way a lease is organized, so readers can jump straight to the lease provision in question to learn drafting and negotiating techniques.

Useful checklists, one for landlords and one for tenants, are provided for every common lease clause, so you can be sure you have covered all the bases for the party you represent. Each checklist contains the basic requirements of a typical lease clause, along with the additional benefits that each party hopes to have included in the lease.

This book also includes an immense glossary of legal terms and real estate jargon—and an abundance of leasing forms to get you started!

Available in your choice of formats:
Book and CD: $185
CD only: $160

The CD contains the complete text of Commercial Leasing in Colorado in searchable PDF format and commercial leasing forms in word processing format.

Don't need the whole book? Select the chapters you want from the table of contents tab. Download individual PDF chapters for only $25.00 each.

Automatic Supplementation is included with the purchase of this book. Future updates will be shipped automatically at the subscriber price, plus shipping and handling and applicable sales tax, as soon as they are available. Please call customer service at 303-292-2590 if you DO NOT wish to keep your book up-to-date by enrolling in Automatic Supplementation.


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