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The Litigator's Guide to Electronic Evidence and Technology

Sheldon E. Friedman
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More than just a “how-to” book for presentations, The Litigator’s Guide to Electronic Evidence and Technology explains how technology and software can be used to manage all aspects of litigation, including document and database management, authentication and preservation of electronic evidence, discovery techniques, and persuasive presentations in the courtroom.

This book will teach you to employ technological solutions during trial preparation and presentation (while complying with federal and state rules of evidence and civil procedure) and to use technology for an optimal presentation to the fact finders. You will gain a technological edge that allows you to better advocate for your clients, both in and out of the courtroom.

This comprehensive book is a useful tool in any litigator’s practice—both for new attorneys and seasoned lawyers who have not previously used trial preparation or presentation software. The software programs described in the book can help you to better manage information during the litigation process, with an eye toward making an effective electronic presentation in the courtroom.

Regardless of your experience in litigation, or your level of computer expertise, The Litigator’s Guide to Electronic Evidence and Technology will help you better construct and manage your cases, and give you the tools and information you need to create a more effective courtroom practice.

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