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The Lawyer's Winning Edge: Exceptional Courtroom Performance

Lisa L. DeCaro and Leonard Matheo
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A lawyer who is a successful advocate in the courtroom is skilled with oral argument and knows that an effective argument must be informative, conversational, and relaxed, yet passionate, authoritative, and compelling—all at the same time!

The Lawyer’s Winning Edge provides practical tips and persuasive techniques that will help give you the winning edge in the courtroom.

You will learn how to create a captivating opening statement and a powerful closing argument, as well as how to use nonverbal communication and eye contact to emphasize your message. This book will show you how to build a relationship with each juror, how to call the jurors to action, and how to advance your story through each phase of the trial.

The book also includes a valuable video CD, playable on your computer’s CD drive, on which the authors demonstrate breathing, vocal skills and inflection, body language, gestures, and eye contact exercises. These exercises will help you to perfect your communication skills and to make your most dynamic and convincing case ever.

The video CD includes sections on Breathing, Vocal Skills, Vocal Inflection, Body Language, and Eye Contact.

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