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Discovery Problems and their Solutions, 2nd Edition

Paul W. Grimm, Charles S. Fax and Paul Mark Sandler
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"This book provides the judge and practitioner with a well-organized, problem-oriented reference to the text of the discovery rules and their judicial interpretation. It also offers a pragmatic, clear, and authoritative exposition of how these rules work in their daily operation."
—Federal Courts Law Review

Lawyers and clients today devote enormous time, effort, and expense to discovery. More often than not, discovery, and not trial, is the central battleground of a case. This concise handbook describes the problems that civil litigators encounter most frequently in pretrial discovery and presents suggestions and strategies for solving these problems.

Following a background discussion on the scope and types of discovery, discovery problems are presented as hypotheticals (many of which the authors have encountered in their experience) followed by a discussion that includes the law and helpful practice tips.

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