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Busy lawyers count on Bradford forms to be compliant with Colorado law, up-to-date, and universally accepted.

Colorado Evidence Handbook

Victoria C. Swanson
Item No: BK1045
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Colorado Evidence Handbook is a user-friendly, reliable reference that will answer all of your evidentiary questions! Written by Victoria Swanson, one of Colorado’s leading trial attorneys and former president of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, this book contains comprehensive analysis of the Colorado and Federal Rules of Evidence, with more than 1,100 case citations and dozens of practice pointers. It will help attorneys prepare a case for trial and quickly find the point needed for a motion in limine. During trial, this book will help attorneys quickly find the controlling point of law on an evidentiary issue. This book contains discussions about the Colorado Rules of Evidence, the relationships between different rules (and between the rules and statutes), and how the Colorado rules compare to the federal rules.

Additional Special Features:

  • Discussions of 2006 changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence.
  • Text printed in larger (13-point) font for easy viewing in the courtroom.
  • Key words are in bold, and federal law is highlighted—to help you quickly find the law you’re looking for!

Don't need the whole book? Select the chapters you want from the table of contents tab. Download individual PDF chapters for only $25.00 each.

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