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Busy lawyers count on Bradford forms to be compliant with Colorado law, up-to-date, and universally accepted.

Colorado Causes of Action Supplement 2011

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Bradford Publishing is pleased to bring you the second looseleaf supplement for Colorado Causes of Action. Authors Douglas MacGregor and Erica Longnecker have prepared a comprehensive supplement for 2011 that includes:
  • A new chapter on Negligent Entrustment.
  • A new chapter on Promissory Estoppel.
  • New complaint forms for Promissory Estoppel and Negligent Entrustment actions.
  • Updated case law and statutory law throughout the book on topics such as:
  • Statutory cap on damages for noneconomic losses or injuries when there is more than one plaintiff or one defendant.
  • Elements of abuse of process action; difference between abuse of process and malicious prosecution.
  • Prosecution’s burden of disproving self defense or defense of others.
  • Use of extrinsic evidence to prove publication is defamation per se.
  • Proximate causation in dram shop liability cases.
  • Proof of damages in invasion of privacy cases involving a claim of appropriation of another’s name and likeness.
  • In suits for intentional infliction of emotional distress, court’s consideration of retraction when determining damages.
  • Inapplicability of limitation of liability clauses and liquidated damages clauses to  protect against claim of willful or wanton conduct in negligence action.
  • The 90-day waiting period required by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.
  • Court’s use of the risk benefit test when a products liability case is defined primarily by technical  and scientific information.
  • And a replacement CD containing the text of the book and all of the forms!

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