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Colorado Causes of Action-2008 Supplement

Douglas S. MacGregor, Alyssa Rosen and Steven C. Choquette
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2008 Supplement & CD

The first annual supplement for Colorado Causes of Action: Elements, Defenses, Remedies, and Forms, prepared by authors Douglas MacGregor and Alyssa Rosen, along with general editor Steven Choquette, includes:

— A new chapter on Products Liability—Breach of Warranty, including a complaint form.
— A new chapter on Waste, including a complaint form.
— New and updated case law and statutory law—in every chapter!
— Plus expanded or new discussion on many topics, including:
  • Punitive damages.
  • Dog bite cases: statutory liability, affirmative defenses, and damages.
  • Limit on damages for noneconomic losses or injuries with adjustment for inflation.
  • Designation of an unidentified or unknown person as a nonparty at fault.
  • Failure to mitigate damages in breach of contract cases.
  • Economic loss rule.
  • Liability for racketeering activities under COCCA.
  • Joint liability and right of contribution in civil conspiracy cases.
  • Liability of lawyers, doctors, corporate officers, and insurers for violations of CCPA.
  • Plaintiff’s use of issue preclusion in conversion cases.
  • Duty of care required to support tort claim where parties had contractual duties.
  • Claims for statutory fraud and claims for aiding and abetting fraud.
  • Application of pro rata liability statute.
  • Intentional interference with prospective business relations: elements and defenses.
  • Prohibition of assignment of claims for legal malpractice.
  • Certificates of review: when they are required and the failure to file.
  • Recovery of “prospective damages” for continuous nuisance or trespass.
  • Comparative negligence, assumption of risk, and pro rata liability in premises liability cases.
  • Definition of “landowner” as element of premises liability claim.
  • Statute of limitations in cases of continuous trespass.

Includes a replacement CD containing the text of the book and all of the forms!

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