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Busy lawyers count on Bradford forms to be compliant with Colorado law, up-to-date, and universally accepted.

Colorado Causes of Action: Elements, Defenses, Remedies, and Forms

Douglas S. MacGregor and Alyssa Rosen and Steven C. Choquette, general editor
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Take the Guesswork Out of Drafting!

Colorado Causes of Action is a practical, scholarly, and convenient desk reference that enables the busy litigator to begin research, draft pleadings, and formulate strategy for 38 kinds of cases. Arranged alphabetically for easy reference, the book breaks down each cause of action into a general definition, a list of the essential elements, a definition and discussion of each element, possible defenses, and the available damages or other remedies.

At least one complaint form is included for each cause of action, and each form contains instructions and sample language to guide you through the drafting process. Most of the forms have been contributed by successful Colorado attorneys.

Colorado Causes of Action is adapted from South Carolina Bar CLE’s popular Elements of Civil Causes of Action by famed South Carolina trial attorney Michael G. Sullivan. Authors Doug MacGregor and Alyssa Rosen, accomplished litigators in their own right, have recast the book to accurately state the law as it exists in Colorado, supported by extensive citations to the most relevant Colorado case law, statutes, jury instructions, and other legal authorities.

The book has been thoroughly reviewed and edited by Steven C. Choquette, a partner with the Denver office of Holland & Hart LLP.

The companion CD contains the text of the book in searchable PDF format, along with complaint forms for each cause of action in word processing format.

Don't need the whole book? Select the chapters you want from the table of contents tab. Download individual PDF chapters for only $25.00 each.

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