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Collaborative Law: A New Model for Dispute Resolution

Sheila M. Gutterman and a Panel of Collaborative Law Experts
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Collaborative law is a new alternative to litigation. It is for attorneys and individuals looking for a professional, dignified, and less stressful method of resolving disputes. When both parties want to resolve their differences without the high cost and emotional strain of going to court, they can work with collaborative attorneys to negotiate an equitable result for both sides in a structured, non-adversarial environment.

Collaborative law does not replace arbitration or mediation; it is a new, co-existing ADR process. The collaborative team can include several different types of professionals—including mediators to help work through the thornier issues, financial specialists, therapists, appraisers, child specialists, and occupational physicians. It’s the next big thing…

Collaborative Law: A New Model for Dispute Resolution includes an overview of the development and current status of collaborative law; the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude required of the lawyers and the parties; the components of an interdisciplinary collaborative law team; the steps in the collaborative process intended to result in a final settlement of the case; training and skills required and/or useful for attorneys looking to start a collaborative law practice; ethical issues, including malpractice concerns, duties, and confidentiality; case-processing issues and coordination with the courts; resources and methods of practice in Colorado; and appendices of forms.

The entire text of the book is available on the accompanying CD in searchable PDF format.

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